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Hoppers Crossing, VIC 3029
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Cold smoked products

Lux Meat Ham

cold smoked - cured raw ham - very lean, Pork loin primal - traditional German recipe 


Hot smoked products (cooked)

Gypsy Ham

Bacon Pig Leg Ham in net – hot smoked 

Pressed Leg Ham 

bacon pig Leg ham – pressed


boneless - Pork Loin eye only primals – very lean 


boneless - Pork Loin primals – skin on


boneless Pork belly – skin on – for cooking


Cold cuts Delicatessen

Lyoner plain 

traditional German fine meat devon, Paprica Lyoner traditional German fine meat devon with capsicum, Bierwurst traditional German coarse meat devon with mustardseeds

Ham Sausage 

traditional German delicacy with ham meat pieces

Meat Loaf 

fine plain for frying or cold consumption, Prager Meat Loaf coarse for frying 

Liver Pate

plain fine – Coarse and Herbal Pork pate spread

Suelze Potted Meat 

Pork meat pickled and cooked in jelly

Presswurst mild

Pork meat pickled and cooked in jelly

Paprica Presswurst 

Pork meat pickled and cooked in jelly

Blood Wurst 

German style – pickled pork cooked

Tongue Wurst

German style – pickled pork and tongue cooked

Zwiebelmett – onion spread 

frozen raw pork meat spread Mettwurst


Please note that some of our products are seasonal and are not always available throughout the year.

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